Cybercriminals use every opportunity to infiltrate systems, steal data, and disrupt workflow. That’s why Comodo offers a comprehensive platform of cybersecurity solutions to protect your network, applications, data and more from the most modern threats to your security.
Cybersecurity is integral to organisations holding not just sensitive data, but any data. Damages as a consequence of a breach could result in loss of sales, damaged brand reputation, legal action, compensation costs, governments audits, remediation costs and fines. Organisations need top level security across their networks to protect their data, users, network and applications.
Comodo offers a variety of different solutions that cover all of your security requirements. Their main solutions include anti-spam, secure web gateway, DNS filtering and virtual appliance firewalls. All of these solutions can be managed from a central console making managing both simple and efficient.
There are over 200k organisations that are currently being protected by Comodo’s Cyber Security solutions. There are currently 85 million endpoint installations worldwide and with Comodo’s workforce of over 850 cybersecurity engineers and scientists analysing over 100,000 threats a day this constant learning and improvement to the Comodo systems is what sets them apart.


Users are bombarded by a constant onslaught of spam and it’s a productivity killer. But that’s not the worst of it. Not only does the massive volume of spam chew up email bandwidth without adding any value whatsoever, there are a lot of malicious threats hiding in much of the spam traffic trying to get in. Comodo Dome Antispam provides an array of capabilities designed to prevent unwanted email from entering your network in the first place.

Today’s hackers are incredibly sophisticated, and they have a lot of tools and techniques at their disposal. It’s not enough to understand past attacks and prevent others just like them—you also need to protect against attacks you don’t know about. How do you fight the unknown? Comodo Dome Secure Web Gateway delivers a suite of security capabilities to identify and stop any kind of malicious activity from getting in. And it does so without affecting the experience of your legitimate users. After all, they still need to do their jobs.

Knowledge is power, and bad actors look for ways to get data for malicious purposes ranging from identity theft to corporate espionage. No business is too large or too small to be vulnerable. And depending on your industry and location, there may be specific data security and privacy regulations you must comply with. Comodo Dome Data Loss Prevention helps you protect data while it’s in motion, in use, and at rest.
There are links to “bad” websites everywhere, and attackers use a variety of tactics to lure people into clicking them. And there are plenty of sites that, while not malicious, are inappropriate for one reason or another. Comodo Dome Shield DNS Filtering protects your users—even their mobile devices when they’re on the go—from accessing these problem sites.
Comodo’s Firewall solution provides unparalleled security through its latest innovation in computer security called Default Deny Protection. This feature does more to protect your network than normal security solutions that typically keep lists of known malware which is used in decision making for file access. The issue with these solutions is that malware can access networks if they are unknown.

Default Deny Protection (DDP) ensures complete security through reverse engineering this solution. Instead of only identifying malicious malware, DDP refers to a list of over 2 million PC safe applications. Any file that tries to access the network which is unknown it is sandboxed, and you are notified. This proactive approach occurs before malware has access to your computer or network.








Collaborate your Security

Today’s IT environments are highly complex with a lot of moving parts that require constant updating, provisioning, and occasionally, fixing.

Comodo ONE is a complete, scalable IT management platform that offers a comprehensive suite of security and IT management tools—including remote monitoring and management, patch management, mobile device/application management, advanced endpoint security, backup, web/email protection, network monitoring, and more—under a single pane of glass.

Trying Comodo AEP for yourself

You can try Comodo AEP for free. Your trial will include 200 Devices and will be valid for 30 days. By trialing Comodo’s AEP you will understand why the 200k current users can’t live without the comprehensive platform of cybersecurity solutions that protect their networks, applications, data, and their users from the most sophisticated threats.

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